how to help

Patient advocacy is especially important. That’s why we, as AK warriors, have established this foundation. We are not just a number, we are people either suffering or recovering from this excruciating and debilitating eye rare disease.  As such, we are a powerful voice in establishing what’s felt and needed by AK warriors.

It’s time to give the patients a voice and not leave the last word to the medical professionals. We as patient advocates seek to work together with drug developers, supply chains, contact lens manufacturers and medical professionals to define the best possible approach when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, care and education.

We also believe that a focus on prevention is key, through driving Awareness of the best practices and risks associated with contact lenses.

    When it comes to supporting the cause, there are several ways you can support us:


    By helping us spread the word about Acanthamoeba Keratitis.


    By sponsoring us or
    any of our projects.


    By donating.