Acanthamoeba Keratitis (AK) is affecting many lives worldwide. The overwhelming suffering stops life completely for the patient and is also very challenging for their family, friends and co-workers.

This collection of patient stories let you feel the impact of AK. Read, listen or watch here some testimonials:

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Swimming with
contact lenses
changed my life



I can’t believe I made it out of the darkest time in my life. Acanthamoeba Keratitis took over my ENTIRE life for months and I mean ENTIRE life. I could no longer work, drive, exercise, I couldn’t even step outside. It was a constant 24 hour extreme pain. For those who don’t know, Acanthamoeba Keratitis is a parasitic cornea infection mostly caused by swimming or showering in contacts. I did both of those things not knowing the risks whatsoever and this was my result. PLEASE do not swim or shower in contacts. I had no idea Acanthamoeba Keratitis was even a thing until it took over my life. I still don’t have my full vision back in my right eye because my cornea is now scarred but honestly I am just happy that the pain is finally over. #acanthamoebakeratitis #acanthamoeba #acanthamoebasymptoms #corneainfection #corneascars #eyeinfection #contactlens

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Keep water
contact lenses

So much pain
I wanted to
pull my eye it out

Storing my
contact lenses
in water

Rinsing my
contact lenses
in water

I would have never believed my story if I didn't go through it

by Cowboys not Eggheads by Sam Fischer | Interview with Tiffany Zeleny, sharing her patient's perspective on AK.

A patient's perspective

by Kristin White, OD Kristin White, OD for Eyes on EyeCare | Interview with Juliette Vila Sinclair Spence.

It's like putting a cigarette in your eye

by by Freddie van Rensburg from Eyes 2 Eyes Foundation | Interview with Juliette Vila Sinclair Spence, sharing her journey and drive to start the AK Eye Foundation.

World EPA congress 2023 special

by P4A Let's Talk Rare By Partners4Access | Interview with Juliette Vila Sinclair Spence on AK patient's perspective.

The patient journey

by Guy Lacey, Manager at FIECON | Interview with Juliette Vila Sinclair Spence.


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